VinpocitineVinpocetine is a periwinkle plant extract (Vinca major) that improves brain function. It has been used medicinally in Europe since 1983.

Vinpocetine dilates the arteries of the brain, decreases platelet aggregation, and increases erythrocyte flexibility. By increasing the brain’s utilization of oxygen and oxygen, vinpocetine increases cerebral metabolic rate.


  • dilates the arteries of the brain but does not dilate other blood vessels.
  • can prevent the occurrence of stroke and can prevent much of the damage if administered immediately following stroke.
  • improves circulation within the brain (i.e. it alleviates cerebral insufficiency).
  • increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) within the brain’s neurons.
  • improves the brain’s utilization of glucose.
  • can alleviate headaches.
  • accelerates the rate of learning by 40% (in animal research).
  • improves memory. Healthy subjects exhibited significant short-term memory improvement 1 hour after taking 40 mg of Vinpocetine (62%).
  • increases the length of time that short-term memory is retained.
  • can block the action of drugs that disrupt memory.
  • improves the brain’s utilization of Oxygen and increases the resistance of Neurons to the damage that would otherwise be caused by Hypoxia.
  • can alleviate speech impairment.
  • improves circulation to the eyes thereby improving vision and eyesight disorders.
  • improves impaired hearing and improves many inner-ear problems.
  • improves Tinnitus (ringing in the ears).
  • improved the vertigo (dizziness) of 77% of the patients in one study.
  • reduces menopausal symptoms.
  • increases the brain’s turnover of Serotonin and Norepinephrine.
  • improves the flexibility of red blood cells and may thereby help to prevent strokes.
  • alleviates insomnia and several types of sleep disorders.

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