N-Acetyl Carnosine (NAC) eye drops Testimonials

Testimonials for NAC eye drops  (N-Acetyl Carnosine)

Dog Testimonials

“The NAC eye drops are working on our dog She had horrible, horrible, horrible cataracts. The cataracts completely covered her brown eyes. It looked like she was wearing contact lens. Now you can see half of the brown color in one eye and the brown in the other eye is getting larger.

She didn’t use to move around much but now she chases our other dog around the house and doesn’t run into anything. The vet wanted $5000 to perform surgery which is more than it costs for humans.”

“My 15 1/2 year old poodle is getting better depth perception. He can go up and down the steps now. He’s using the eye drops and so am I. I’m an old geezer but he’s older than I am in dog years. It seems to be working.”

“The vet said my dog had glaucoma and gave him eye drop medicine for 9 months with no improvement. My dog has been using the NAC eye drops for only 3 weeks and now he can see. Also you don’t see that foggy stuff on his eye anymore.”

“My dog is seeing much better now. The NAC eye drops have definitely helped her.”

“My dog is able to go down the steps and climb down out of the car easier than before. Her eyes are darker and not as cloudy as before and she seems to look right at you now.”

“I’ve been using NAC eye drops on my dog and I can tell a difference. It used to be that when she walked she bumped her way along, kind of feeling her way as she moved around. Now she’s moving much faster and isn’t bumping into everything. Also her eyes seem to be browning up.” A.N., Massachusetts

“I have been putting the NAC eye drops in my dogs eyes for almost 4 months and his eyes have improved. He was totally blind from the cataracts when I started.”

“My dog looks like she has new eyes. The cloudy haze is almost gone and the brown has returned. There is still a small circle of blue but is getting smaller and smaller.

“My depth perception improved, colors are sharper, and my floaters disappeared. My 19 year old cat’s cataracts are about 70% gone.”

“I have been putting the NAC eye drops in my dogs eyes for almost 4 months and his eyes have improved. He was totally blind from the cataracts when I started.”

Human Testimonials

“I wanted you to know that the improvement in my vision is amazing. I had gotten to the point where I could no longer drive due to haziness from my cataracts, and now I feel very secure and am able to see almost as well as before my cataracts were diagnosed.”

“My vision is 50% better and I’ve only been using them 2 weeks. I’m not making this up.”

“I bought the NAC eye drops for my stepfather and it has worked miracles on his eyes.”

“I got hit in the eye and developed a cataract. I couldn’t even read the signs on the interstate before but now I can read the mile posts. The eye drops really work.”

“One eye was completely clouded over and I was blind in that eye. Now I can see off to one side. It’s unbelievable.”

“I’m experiencing much less glare and do not always wear my sunglasses now. I’m 78 years old. Thanks for these wonderful drops.”

“After using the NAC eye drops I’m now able to drive at night again.”

“My Mom was reading the newspaper and she hasn’t done that in months.”

“I’ve only been using the eye drops for about a month and a half and I can see stuff I couldn’t see before. I didn’t expect to see results this fast.”

“I just returned from the eye doctor and he said my cataracts are gone.”

“My left eye is almost completely cleared up and my right eye is greatly improved.”

“I’ve been using NAC eye drops for a month and I’ve noticed an improvement in my vision, particularly less glare. I intend to keep using it and let you know the results.”

“The NAC eye drops did away with my husband’s cataracts. The doctor said, “I know you had cataracts but I don’t see any sign of them.”

“The eye drops cleared my eye with the cataract (left eye) and it sees clearly now.”

(Oct. 24, 2008) “In April 2006 my doctor said that I’d need cataract surgery in 3-6 months so I started the NAC eye drops. Every time I see him now he says, ‘You’re not ready yet.’ ”

“I don’t have cataracts but cataracts run in my family so I ordered the NAC eye drops. I was going to get a stronger prescription for my medium-to-far glasses and now I don’t even need to wear the glasses. I didn’t have any depth perception but now everything is in 3D.”

“Sometimes I can even drive now without my glasses.”

“I closed my good eye and I was able to walk around the house. I couldn’t do that before.””I haven’t been able to read a newspaper without my glasses since 1975. I picked up a National Geographic at the dentist’s office figuring I’d look at the pictures and I was surprised that I could read the articles. Later we went to a Chinese restaurant and I could read the fortune cookie.”

“I have been taking the NAC eye-drops since last February of this year. I had my vision checked on April 2. My vision has improved four times and my lens is clearing.”

“The ophthalmologist told me that my cataracts are so small that I could wait a year to return to see him.”

“The doctor was going to have my driver’s license taken away because of my cataracts. Now my cataracts are gone and I passed the test to renew my driver’s license.”

“I was nearly blind in one eye from cataracts and now I can read half inch print.”

“My optometrist reported that I had cataracts forming in January of this year. As of my last check-up on the 2nd of June, they are gone.”

“My vision has improved four times and my lens is clearing. I get my vision checked again in July. NAC eye drops have been a godsend to me.”

“Two years ago the doctor said I was forming a cataract. Now he said it’s completely gone.”

“My eye was milk white but it is getting clearer. Other people have noticed and told me so.”

“I noticed a big improvement in my left eye being able to see colors.”

“The NAC eye drops are working so well I had to have my glasses changed.”

“I see about a 50% improvement from NAC eye drops. I don’t wear glasses anymore and my right eye has improved enough that I can drive and read the newspaper now.”

“The NAC eye drops have helped me a lot. Without them I’d be blind.”

“I can read the bathroom scale now. Before I depended on my wife to read the scale and tell me my weight. I didn’t notice any improvement until about the 5th month. Then the improvement happened quite suddenly. My eye doctor was furious and wanted to know where I got the eye drops but I wouldn’t tell him. The doctor finally said, ‘I guess we won’t need to do cataract surgery.’ He seemed very disappointed.”

“The NAC eye drops are amazing in how they cut down on my floaters. I got to where I never saw them after awhile.”

“After using the NAC eye drops for about 7 months my cataracts are gone. I will now use the eye drops occasionally to prevent cataracts from returning.”

“I’ve been using the NAC eye drops for 16 months. I have about 75% improvement and I don’t need to wear glasses anymore. I think I will have complete recovery by next year.”

“I can read regular print now and some days I can even read small print. I figure when I’m done I won’t need glasses.”

“The cataract in my left eye was gone in less than two months. I’ve got my wife started on the NAC eye drops and she says it is working. ”

“Within the first month of using the eye drops colors have become much brighter. ”

“I’ve seen a difference at night when I’m driving. You get those big halos and it got so bad I couldn’t drive at night. I noticed even the street lights are not as large as before.”

“I’ve been using the drops since June and I was beginning to wonder if they were going to work but in the middle of January I got a decided improvement. I think there is more to come.”

“I had a ring around my pupil that the doctor said was hard as a rock. I look at my eye with a flashlight and a magnifying glass and the ring has almost totally dissolved.”

“The eye drops are improving my left eye as I can see my hand now and I can see the outline of things. My right eye doesn’t have a cataract and I had 20-30 vision but the opthamologist said it has improved to 20-20.”

“The doctor said my cataract is getting smaller.”

“I have less glare now and the color of my eyes is once again dark.”

“I’ve been using the eye drops for 5 months and I’ve seen a big difference.”

“The glare from oncoming cars doesn’t bother me nearly as much.”

“My eye sight is clearer. When I get up in the morning I don’t automatically put my glasses on any more. Isn’t that funny? ”

“The eye drops are helping. I have floaters but not now I can’t find them. They disappeared.”

“I’m really encouraged. I’m almost done with the 3rd box of NAC eyedrops. My cataract was really bothering me but I can see better now. It seems to be helping quite a bit.”

“I can even read now through my right eye.”

“The opthamologist told me that my cataracts are so small that I could wait a year to return to see him. I told him that the eye drops had helped me and he told me to continue to do whatever I was doing.”

“I’ve been using the eye drops for 5 months and I’ve seen a big difference.”

“My wife can actually see a golf ball when it lands which she couldn’t do before.”

“I can’t tell you how much my vision has improved. It’s really working great.”

“My far vision is getting better.”

“I started using the eye drops in December and all the fuzziness has cleared up. My left eye had the cataract and there is no fuzziness at all now.”

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Active ingredients Glycerin (lubricant) 1.0% Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (lubricant) 0.15%
Inactive Ingredients Sterile water (ophthalmic grade isotonic solution, antioxidants N-Acetyl Carnosine (NAC) 1.0%, buffered with boric acid, citric acid, and potassium bicarbonate and as a preservative, purified benzyl alcohol.