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Smart Nutrition is located in San Diego California since 1993 specializing in products to improve memory, mental performance, attention span, and brain function. We continue to search for new products to improve mental performance and slow brain aging. We were the first company in the US to sell Idebenone, Pyritinol, Picamilon, Aniracetam, Pyridoxamine, and Centrophenoxine. We were the second company in the US to sell Galantamine, Benfotiamine, and Vinpocetine. In 2004 NBC sought our help in preparing their television news feature on idebenone.Our products have been mentioned in Dr. Julian Whitaker’s Health & Healing newsletter (Nov 2004) and favorably reviewed by Wired magazine (click to read review).

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Smart Nutrition
1804 Garnet Ave #443
San Diego, CA 92109
tel: 858-270-7907

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