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Piracetam is one of most popular nootropics/smart drugs used for improving mental performance. Piracetam was developed in 1964 and sold under the trade name Nootropil. A significant amount of research was conducted primarily in Europe on Piracetam’s use in treating a variety of conditions such as:Piracetam

Presently most users of piracetam are students and people of all ages desiring an improvement in mental performance. more info          to order

Get Smart is a multi-ingredient formula designed to improve mental performance and ability.

Get SmartGet Smart contains

CDP Choline
Huperzine A

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Get Smart Testimonials:

“My 9 year old son has improved a lot since he began taking Get Smart. His reading is getting better and he can speak better now too. He used to get frustrated because he couldn’t organize his thoughts well enough to express himself.

He’s able to communicate better and he even talks more now. He’s getting his home work done and he focuses better. His social interaction has improved.

We took him for a second testing at the learning center. They gave him 10 different tests which lasted half a day and he improved in every test from the previous time. He jumped from below first grade to 3rd grade level in vocabulary.

His math score came up, his critical thinking improved, every score was higher. He’s playing better baseball now also. I don’t know if Get Smart has improved his kinesthetic awareness or not but I know Get Smart can improve your reaction time because it improved my reaction time.”

“Get Smart has really helped me at work learning a new job. Interestingly I’ve noticed that it seems to have improved my reaction time. Now when I open the medicine cabinet and something falls out my reactions are so quick I catch it by reflex. It surprises me because things used to always fall into the sink before. My dad is doing well on Get Smart also. I can tell when he’s run out because he pauses, searching for the right word to use in a sentence.”

Aniracetam and oxiracetam improve communication between the two brain hemispheres.

Centrophenoxine and CDP Choline raise brain acetylcholine levels thereby increasing alertness and attention span and improving learning ability.

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Serrapeptase silkworm enzyme testimonials

I’ve suffered from neck pain for the last 42 years from 6 different whiplash injuries. Serrapeptase has given me the most relief of anything I’ve tried. I still have pain but it’s greatly reduced from what it is was before.”

“I fell about a year ago and I had pain in my hip and knee from a fall. After taking serrapeptase for only 3 days the pain went away and now I don’t need to take it any more.”

“I used to wrap my hands because I had jabbing pains at the base of the thumb and my wrists were aching bad. I started taking serrapeptase 3 tablets twice per day and I haven’t had to wrap my hands in over a week now.”

“My foot used to hurt so bad that I had to walk on the ball of my foot but in less than a week of taking serrapeptase my foot stopped hurting. It’s unbelievable.”

“I have a shoulder injury and the pain was so bad that I got to the point where sometimes I didn’t care if I lived any more. The doctor wants to perform surgery but I know people who came out of surgery worse than when they went in so I don’t want surgery. I started taking serrapeptase and worked up to 12 tablets daily and now the pain is almost gone.”

“I’ve been taking Serrapeptase 5 serrapeptase tablets twice a day since Thursday. I don’t know if it’s in my head or reality but I feel a lot better. My pain was almost where I couldn’t walk. I still have pain but nothing to the acuteness of before.” more info

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